The History

It all started when Arve Aasmundseth founded the sole proprietorship Virtual Fire in 2001. After securing support from the Norwegian Research Council, he engaged Cristian Michelsen Research to conduct a survey and report on the use of VR technology in the world.

After meeting with NTNU at Gjøvik in Norway in 2013, the VR technology was confirmed mature enough to start developing products and solutions. Real Training AS was then established shortly after by Arve and Frøydis Asmundseth. The partnership with Rickard Edens company Mindemia was established at the same timeThe first prototype was tested in December same year with good results, but far from good enough.

In 2015, Rice Fire Research, one of Europe’s best fire research institutes contributed with their expertise and knowledge of fire and firefighting to make our fire scenarios as realistic as possible in terms of fire development and extinguishing. In the same period our management and ownership is expanded with Rickard Eden and Hans Seime.

Development continues in full force in 2016 while we search for a suitable and large partner to take the VR fire simulator to the market. After several demonstrations and meetings with key people from Securitas, a cooperation agreement between Real Training and Securitas was signed in July 2016.

The first-generation virtual reality fire simulator from Real Training was delivered to Securitas in January 2017 for testing. Already in March Securitas launch their Fire and Rescue services on the market and we are very proud to be among the first to use VR technology for practical training.

Real Training Fire Simulator is good – but the future’s solutions will be even better. The journey has just begun.


Arve Aasmundseth

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Arve Aasmundseth, CEO, Chairman of the board and founder of Real Training AS. Strong and broad competence within HSE. Experience from employer organization, private corporations, humanitarian business, supervisory authority as instructor,paramedic, consultant, project manager, section manager, department manager, and HSE manager. Educated fire fighter, smoke and chemical diver. Experience as employee and shareholder-elected board member and chairman.

Frøydis Aasmundseth

COS - Chief Of Staff

Specialist educator and school leadership expert. Has been manager of several kindergartens with up to 80 children. Director with total responsibility for the educational content, economics, HR and dialogue with parents.

Rickard Edén

CTO - Chief Technical Officer

Long experience in programming / development / design. Specialist in 3D graphics and Java / Android development. Author of jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Cookbook.

Hans Seime

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

27 years of experience within digital marketing / product / communication. Has had several different marketing roles at Dell the last 22 years.